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Snap Finance Wheels and Tires with NCT Motoring! 


NCT Motoring has teamed up with Snap Finance to help your finance your next set of wheels, tires or accessories. Snap Finance offers a simple 100-day payoff with 0 interest. Credit not nessesarly needed but it is helpful. As long as you have been employed 6 months and have an active checking account. There is a simple less-than 5 minute application process. If approved, you will have to pay a low $39 application fee and you will have your approval amount readily available. If your shopping items are more than your approved limit, you will have to pay the remaining balance out of pocket.



  1. • Fill out application and provide basic information. (Please have your checking account information handy)
  2. • Shop and select the items you are interested in purchasing. (Please write the SKU #'s to better reference with Sales Dept.)
  3. • Once approved, you will be provided with a "Application" or "Reference" number.
  4. • Call Us at (833) 646-0707 with that application number so we can reference your information as we will begin to process your application. (Please have handy a debit/credit card so we can collect your application processing fee. This fee must be paid and collected separately from the finance amount that you got approved for.
  5. • Once all information has been collected, we will process your order and begin fulfilment process. Once your order has been fulfiled, you will get an email with any and all tracking information.

• Note: If you need to reach out to Snap Finance reagrding your application, please reference your email(s) from them and contact the number they have provided to your to reach out to them.

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